About eBank™ID

eBank™ID can replace passwords, authorize payments and access secure servers.

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eBank™ID allows individuals to identify themselves on touchscreen devices using only his or her signature. Once the signature is verified authentic, sensitive information can be exchanged via a customized API.

Combined with our robust database and patented algorithm for signature identification we offer the next wave in digital security.

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Why use signature authentication?

Passwords need to be memorized which in turn makes them “easy” to crack, forget, and share.

Hackers are increasingly exploiting the vulnerabilities associated with passwords. eBank™ID could, in many instances, end the need to rely on passwords.

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Reduce the threat of cybercrime

  • Cybercrime costs over 300 billion dollars (USD) globally every year.
  • 73% percent of people use the same password for other sites.
  • An experienced hacker can crack a password in 3 minutes.

Statistics based on a 2013 Mashable.com article:
“Is Your Password Really Protecting You?” and 2013 McAfee Report: “The Economic Impact of Cybercrime and Cyber Espionage”

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