Benefits and Users

Who Needs eBank™ID

eBank™ID has two types of customers, users who want to authenticate via signature identification and businesses that want to exchange information once an individual’s identity has been verified.



For users, eBank™ID is simple. There is no learning curve or upfront investment, and the technical specifications are minimal. To get started all a user needs to do is create an account with eBank™ID and enter their desired signature.

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For businesses, whether you’re a financial institution, social network, e-commerce platform, government, corporate or educational organization, all you need is a customized API. After integrating eBank™ID into your network users can begin using signature verification to exchange sensitive information.

Worldwide mobile payment transactions will surpass $171.5 billion in 2012, up 62% from $106 million last year.

Source Gartner, 2012


By increasing security, eBank™ID customers not only have access to new revenue streams, but also save on costs by reducing the risks associated with cybercrime.

  • Reduce financial theft and vulnerability to hackers
  • Build consumer confidence by offering advanced security
  • Save time and resources by alleviating the burden associated with re-securing networks
  • Protect intellectual property
  • Safeguard against reputational damage
  • Charge users a service fee to use eBank™ID
  • Collect commissions on purchases

eBank™ID is a software solution designed to work on high-end and low-end mobile devices.