How Signature Verification Works

Our signatures have unique characteristics that we have been perfecting since childhood. These characteristics form a unique code of natural variation that is nearly impossible for others to copy. This code can be used to verify a person’s identity.

What Makes Us Unique

Unlike its competitors, eBank™ID uses both forensic and biometric signature recognition. These two verification technologies used together deliver the highest performance and the best results unmatched by any other methods.

Biometric signature recognition

Biometric (dynamic) verification captures the movement and style of the individual signing in real-time. These metrics are based on:

  • Ratio of tall to small letters
  • Speed to proportion ratios
  • Rhythm and timing between letters

ebankid signature verification biometric

Forensic signature recognition

Forensic verification looks at the physical differences between signature samples stored in eBank™ID database and compares them with the sample submitted by the user. It works by:

  1. Identifies over 100 unique characteristics including: relative size, orientation, curves, flairs and more
  2. Ranks features in order of significance
  3. Calculates if signature has normal variation of features
ebankid signature verification forensic

The Verification

Biometric + Forensic = eBank™ID

List of Features