ASV Technologies

We are an industry leader in signature verification software and number one in preventing check fraud.

Our technologies are used by 100s of banks and credit unions worldwide to combat fraud.

Our pillars of technology are: eBank™ID and eBank™DISCOVERY.

eBankID iPhone App Signature Verification


eBank™ID is signature verification software that identifies individuals based on their signature. It can be used on mobile and traditional mediums such as checks or documents.

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eBank™DISCOVERY is a collection of technologies used for check fraud detection. The technologies can be packaged together or used individually to filter through thousands of checks. Once a check is scanned, the images can be authenticated via software on local servers or outsource to specific vendors.

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Our history

eBankID was founded by ASV Technologies. Our journey began In 1998, when ASV Technologies received its first U.S. patent based on Dr. Maan Ammar’s algorithm for signature verification. A year later eBank™DISCOVERY was released to combat check fraud.

Under the guidance of Sam Koo, an experienced entrepreneur in banking software technology, and a team of industry experts, ASV Technologies flourished.

eBankID continues to evolve to this day, constantly refining and improving our technologies to stay ahead of the competition and combat new techniques for theft.